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Leather Belts are indeed jewellery for men, nothing allures them more than owning stylish pairs of leather belts and sporting them with distinct buckles. We here study what is so enticing about these leathers that, Men just can't do without it.

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Meet Indian Rider who travelled across the world on his Hero Karizma in 18 months. A native of Andhra Pradesh this man refused to give up on is dreams, walking against the winds, winds which could not weaken his determination, he experienced the journey of his life. "Those will forever remain unforgetable 18 months of my life" as quoted by him.

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Very few must have imagined 8 years back, that a company outsourcing it's handsets from China (not famous for its decent products) would become such a giant player in less than a decade? Here we decode the bold strategy and success story of purely desi venture Micromax that now plans on to strengthen its foothold in foreign markets.

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Sometimes one wonders how bizarre this world is. A curious case of South Indian village with 220 sets of twins in state of Kerala has left everyone astonished. Here we discuss some strange facts about this village and what reaction it has been recieving, since stepping in the spotlight.

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If you think Fashion for ladies is just about attires and jewelleries, then you are missing something. It is never complete withour a handbag. Here we decode, Handbag mystery, how it actually is an essential part for a unblemished fashion statement.

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